Order encourages donations of centennial memorabilia

Lodges are celebrating the Order of the Arrow’s centennial by making a wide array of patches and memorabilia. While these items are new and excited to us now, they will be full of history and only grow in value and importance as time passes. In order to preserve this major milestone in the Order’s history, each lodge is asked to donate its centennial and NOAC items to the OA archive.

“As another way of capturing the history of the Order's centennial event, lodges are requested to donate centennial and NOAC items to the national OA archives,” said Tracy Mesler, the OA’s digital archivist.

“At the 125th and 150th anniversary NOAC, Arrowmen would expect the archives to contain items from our centennial year and conference,” said Kyle Brendel of Amangemek Wipit Lodge and the youth chairman of the preservation & archive project at the NOAC GEO (Goodman Edson Observatory) this summer.

Lodges are being encouraged to donate all items using the centennial and/or NOAC logos to the national OA archives. Collections will occur during NOAC at the GEO’s preservation and archive area in the Galaxy Room of the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center.

“That would include patches, neckerchiefs and other items using one of the logos associated with the centennial celebration – items which ought to be preserved for future generations of Arrowmen. I know I wouldn’t want my lodge left out of this project,” said Mesler.

To expedite things at NOAC, lodges are asked to bring with them a completed donor form, which will be included in the contingent leader’s packet of information.