The Order of the Arrow has a rich and diverse history of programs and awards. Information on the many programs and awards offered can be found in the sections below.


The Order of the Arrow has a rich history of outstanding national events that are planned and executed by Arrowmen for Arrowmen.

National Calendar

Important dates for the Order of the Arrow, from upcoming national conferences to national office holidays.

High Adventure

Imagine traveling through pristine wildernesses and providing meaningful service along the way. Imagine forming a team, coming into an experience as strangers, but leaving as friends for a lifetime. These experiences are offered through the OA’s high adventure programs.


Training is a key part of conducting an effective program.  Fortunately, the Order of the Arrow has numerous training resources available for all Arrowmen.


Why should an elected Scout choose to go to his Ordeal and get involved in the OA?  Just count the reasons…


The Order of the Arrow provides opportunities for its members to excel and be recognized for their accomplishments. These recognitions are provided at two levels of the organization, either at the local lodge level or at the National level. Individual members may be recognized or entire lodges. The awards and honors provided here are standard throughout the organization. Individual lodges may form and provide their own local awards such as “Brother of the Year,” “Most Active Arrowman,” and other achievement awards.