Chapter & Lodge Support

Resources dedicated to the support of chapter and lodge programs. These resources are continually updated for youth leaders and adult advisers.

Performance Measurement Program

Beginning in 2019, the Performance Measurement Program replaces the Journey to Excellence (JTE) program.


The Order of the Arrow’s Link program begins with the OA’s Journey to Excellence program, choosing three JTE metrics and packaging tools into comprehensive training programs that lodges can use to improve in those metrics.

Lodge Ideas & Best Practices

These best practices, chapter meeting ideas, service ideas, and adviser minutes were submitted by Arrowmen across the country who have benefited from both years of experience and trial and error. By sharing these resources, these Arrowmen hope to share the wisdom they have gained over the ages.

Lodge Program Resource Videos

The National Committee of the Order of the Arrow has developed various video tools to assist lodges in the delivery of the OA program. All videos are saved in sufficient quality for lodges to use in presentations or unit promotions.

OA Camp Coordinator

The Unit, Chapter, and Lodge Support subcommittee of the National Order of the Arrow Committee is providing the second of several tools to our membership to better support local OA activity.