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The contents of this page were explained during the webinar on October 19. This page is a resource for ongoing Thrive support.

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Thrive Webinar

From 2018 to 2019, the Order of the Arrow suffered its most significant membership loss to date of 12,030 people. That’s 12,030 missed opportunities, 12,030 lives that we no longer have the opportunity to impact, and 12,030 fewer members of our brotherhood. In 2019, we’re going to bring that decline to a halt. And it all started on October 19th with our first ever national webinar, entitled “Thrive: A National Webinar, A Local Commitment.”

We’re about to attempt the most significant course-correction in the history of our organization and it will require every single national, regional, section, lodge, and chapter leader — without exception — on board and aligned to do whatever it takes to make it happen. If we fail to intervene in the decline, if we don’t take significant action, the Order of the Arrow will cease to exist. And if we continue doing what we’re doing right now, that is exactly what will happen.

But, if we choose to live in an alternative future where the Order of the Arrow is not only existing, but Thriving — that is something we can all be proud of and that will ensure the Order of the Arrow exists for years to come.

“Those who chose you need you.” As leaders of Scouting’s National Honor Society, you serve among the top youth in our organization, and it is time to put that mindset into action. It is our responsibility to ensure that your respective lodges are registered, confident, and inspired to be the catalyst of change at the local level this year, and for years to come.

With your leadership, we can assure you that the Order of the Arrow will not only exist for generations to come, but will Thrive.

Goals of the National Webinar

  • Address the redefined role of the section, and explain how important each of you are to ensuring the success of our 266 lodges in the organization. It must be understood that our section leadership are the boots on the ground task force that exist to support, guide, and enable the lodges within their respective sections.
  • Deliver new concepts focusing on the 3 key performance indicators: Unit Election Rate, Induction Rate, & Activation Rate.
  • Assign and lay out a 3 year plan to ensure each lodge reaches the status of “high performing”, meaning they have a 90% Unit Election Rate, 90% Induction Rate, and 50% Activation Rate.
  • Issue an organization wide call-to-action, including a commitment and a declaration to elevate all 266 lodges to high performing status.